by Natalie Merchant

Where in hell can you go, far from the things that you know,
Far from this sprawl of concrete that keeps crawling it's way,
'Bout a thousand miles a day.

[VERSE 2 ]
Take one last look behind, commit this to memory and mind,
Don't miss this wasteland, this terrible place, when you leave,
Keep your heart off your sleeve.

Motherland cradle me, close my eyes lullaby me to sleep,
Keep me safe, lie with me -- stay beside me don't go, don't you go

Oh, my five and dime queen, tell me what have you seen,
The lust and the avarice the bottomless, the cavernous greed,
Is that what you see?


It's your happiness -- I want most of all
And for that I'd do anything at all. Oh mercy me.
If you want the best of life and the most of love,
If there is anything I can do at all.

Now, come on shotgun bride, what makes me envy your life,
The faceless the nameless the innocent the blameless and free,
What's that like to be?


Don't go...