Leaving Eden

By Carolina Chocolate Drops


Hush now, don't you wake up
We'll be leaving at first light
Mama's buying you a mockingbird
To lull you through the night
We'll cross the Dan by morning
Here's a blanket for you to share
They're building down in Georgia
Daddy hears he'll find work there


And the mockingbird can't sing
Like the crying of a dove
And I can't tell my daughters
All the things that I'm scared of
But I am not afraid
of that bright glory up above
Dying's just another way
to leave the ones you love


No work for the working man
Just one more empty mill
Hard times in Rockingham
Hard times harder still
The crows are in the kitchen
The wolves at the door
Our fathers' land of Eden
is paradise no more



My sister stayed in Eden
Her husband's got some land
An agent for the county
thinks that they might make a stand
A hard life of working
With nothing much to show
A long life of leaving with nowhere to go