Ashokan Farewell

By Jay Ungar

The sun is sinking low
in the sky above Ashokan
The pines and the willows know soon we will part
There's a whisper in the wind
of promises unspoken
And a love that will always remain in my heart


My thoughts will return to the sound of your laughter
The magic of dancing, moving as one
And a time we'll remember long ever after
The moonlight and music and dancing are done.


Will we climb the hills once more?
Will we walk the woods together?
Will I feel you holding me close once again?
Will every song we've sung
stay with us forever?
Will you dance in my dreams or my arms until then?


Under the moon the mountains lie sleeping
Over the lake the stars shine
They wonder if you and I will be keeping
The magic and music, or leave them behind.